gif of Samson from the binding of isaac as a little angel facing right
"ELY" as a flaming text gif
gif of Samson from the binding of isaac as a little angel facing left
a drawing of me holding a puppet of my sona, surrounded by a collage of images i like

my names ELY! im 17 and i like to draw cool things and animate some times too. im bigender (she/her) which makes me awesome

im a fan of a lot of things and i talk about whatever i want. i draw a lot fanart and especially crossover art because its fun and cute. Just how it is. i do have some OCs though...!im also a fan of my wonderful wonderful friends. im a total friend guy. and i love my BEST FRIEND πŸ€—ASHLEYπŸ€— they rule sooooo damn much! ^u^


If youre a bigot and/or weirdo dont follow me its that simple. Alongside nsfw accounts I block friday night funkin fans on sight. You can ask me why i blocked you if its not for the above criteria, theres a good chance ive forgotten the reason though, i block pretty liberally

A doodle of me like, really pissed, with tainted samson's berserk meter next to me


"Thank-a you so much-a for-to reading my Carrd!" -the Only video game character with a carrd, Mario

youtube | twitter | tumblr (not active)

gif of wood man moving his eyebrows up and down quickly
animation of homestar runner as a plastic toy in a vase dancing
gif of wood man moving his eyebrows up and down quickly
text on a white background PowerPoint slide that says "Insanely cool stuff made by seriously funky smart people. (Fo' shizzle)"

Theres a lot unlisted so just ask me about whatever if you want lol. More or less a list of things i enjoy and reference and maybe you should check out?! click on the underlined ones to find out more about them

obviously i am critical about my interests, i could go on and on about the bad shit in media i like (when applicable) but if something was COMPLETELY bad shit i wouldnt like it at all

- The Binding of Isaac
- The Venture Bros.
- Piss Hole!!!!!!!! (its my best friend's comic. and also the greatest one ever made)
- Homestar Runner
- Otherworldly Ravenous Beast
- Neopets (have not played in a while but i still appreciate it)
- Lemon Demon/Neil Cicierega
- food house (also gupi + fraxiom separately)
- Hell Orbs (lmao)
- Nick Lutsko
- Jhariah
- nelward
- The Living Tombstone
- cyriak
- Killer Queen Black
- siivagunner.. I'm normal about it i promise
- Rhythm Heaven
- Katamari Damacy
- Gitaroo Man
- Sonic ?!
- Gregory Horror Show
- Mob Psycho 100
- Undertale + Deltarune
- Two More Eggs
- 100 gecs
- Khonjin House/Supermental
- Baman Piderman

general stuff- anything bootleg, especially bootleg toys
- translating + transcribing
- art + animation..... Obviously :p
- editing wikis
- ytps + ytpmvs
- mashups in general
- midis
- riichi mahjong
- old internet stuff
- skeletons (kickass)

a gif of the animal guys from gitaroo man

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